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I use natural light because I find that it brings out the true colours and textures of an animal.

On A Walk

Documenting your bestie in its natural environment-the outdoors!


About Me

Hi, I'm Will. I'm a photographer from Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

My family has always had dogs, some have had cats too. Most have been from Dogs Trust and they've been nervous about things like cameras. Samson, the English Springer Spaniel we have now, is very nervous of things he doesn't know. I've been helping him with this and now he'll happily sit, or lie, for a portrait. It's really rewarding when nervous animals relax and let me create a portrait of them.


I don't use flash.

If there isn't enough light to actually take the photo, I'll move somewhere else or use my soft, constant light. I will not use a big scary flash-gun that an animal will be very uncomfortable with.

I love realism and detail so I use a 36.6 megapixel full-frame camera which captures everything right down to each tiny hair, making an animal look like it actually does in real life.


At Home

I photograph where your bestie feels most comfortable


Meet Samson

Samson is a beautiful but nervous English Springer Spaniel. We adopted him from DogsTrust when he was 2/3.

I go running with him a lot now and he loves it.




"Thanks for these, there are lots of great shots!" "We've had real difficulty whittling it down to 10." - Paul and Clare


“Just to let you know, the Christmas present was a brilliant success. The canvas of the two dogs by the fire has been admired by all our visitors over Christmas, and two of the smaller portraits of the dogs are now placed in prize position in our entrance hall.”